RGB Spectrum Generator V1.3
By Larry McNish, Calgary RASC
**NEW VERSION** - July 15, 2013

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While researching images of spectra on the Internet for another project, I found no consistency in their visual presentation.

There were:
  • different sized images
  • different axis types and ranges
  • unlabelled axes
  • long to short wavelengths or the reverse
  • low to high frequencies or the reverse
  • wave numbers instead of wavelengths or frequencies
  • coloured backgrounds that did not represent the correct visual interpretation of colour
  • and a number of other inconsistencies based on the personal preferences of the originators
This made it difficult to compare spectra and properly show how a spectrograph or human might perceive the results.

If you work with spectra or are just interested in them, then this program and its many options, will assist you in generating a consistent set of standardized images.

This program is copyrighted, but is provided free of charge for non-commercial use.
This is the first public release. No registration is required. All options are fully functional.
Support is limited to things I have time to fix or add (see the documentation).

Documentation (User's Guide)

The documentation in pdf format can be found here.

Installation package for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (not tested yet on Windows 8)

  • Download the "zipped" installation files from here (right click and Save).
  • Unzip them to a working folder or Open the zip archive in Windows
  • Run Setup (you may have to have administrator rights to install).

Uninstalling the program from your system

Use Control Panel ... Add or Remove Programs... select RGBspectrum and click Change/Remove