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Definition (The Grumpy Old Astronomer) - "There ain't gonna be a discussion!"

Just about every science/astronomy blog discussion I've ever seen on the Internet
was taken over by one or more or ALL of the following Jackass Nutcases:

  • Idiots that lie about NASA - "NASA announces evidence of dragons on the Moon"

  • Idiots that say NASA is lying - "NASA denies finding evidence of dragons on the Moon"

  • Idiots that believe ALL space information is controlled by NASA - "NASA Coverup - Dragons!" because they're too enormously stupid to know that 70 different countries have Space Agencies, 13 have launch capabilities, even Russia and China have launched men into space and rovers to the Moon and/or Mars, and that and most if not all of those 70 countries (like Canada) have, or are partners in, gigantic optical, radio, X-ray, and Gamma-ray telescopes studying the Universe. How they think that "NASA" can control every other country's space agencies in the world is totally beyond me.

  • Flat Earthers - people even stupider than "enormously stupid"! Not even funny trolling! Quit wasting people's time demonstrating your immense lack of any knowledge whatsoever, and just shut the hell up!

  • End-Of-Times-Asshats - These people piss me off the most. They continuously spout their total c.r.a.p. about "Nibiru", "Planet X", "Nemesis", "devastating impacts" or "impending calendar dates" that are going to Wipe Us All Out" even though they have been proven wrong Every Time They Open Their Mouths. They are a hundred times stupider than the worst weatherman since their predictions are always 100% wrong. But what makes me wish we could banish them to the bottom of some volcano, is that their asshat predictions can terrify children who do not yet understand that some people are consistent total liars. Like the kids back in 2012 that quit school because asshats like this claimed we were all gonna "get it" on 2012/12/20.

    Here's a hint folks - If a YouTube video or a web page title says "You Are Being Lied To... blah, blah, ..World Destroyed.., blah, blah" - then yes - by the time you have wasted your time watching the video or reading the article you will have been lied to many times - By The Idiot Posting The Item, and NOT by NASA, "scientists", "astronomers", "the govment" etc. So, why do these idiots keep posting this c.r.a.p.? - Because they get "hits" on their internet posts resulting in either a) money$ in$ their$ pockets$, or b) a misguided feeling of superiority - regardless of how many children they have truly frightened with their nutball "We're All Going To Die" conspiracy theories.

  • Young-Earth-Believers - One the one hand we have gathered literally mountains of scientific evidence over the past several thousand years of human history that proves the Universe is 13.82 billion years old, and that the Earth is 4.543 billion years old. On the other hand we have a silly hypothesis that the Earth is only a few thousand years old (and these people don't even ALL agree on exactly "how old"). Personally, if the Grumpy Old Astronomer had to make a choice, he'd rather choose to believe in some Creator that was immortal, powerful, and kind enough to save the Earth from all the collisions and heavy bombardments that almost destroyed this planet eons ago thereby letting life flourish, than choose to believe in one that deviously "planted evidence" everywhere in the Universe then sat back and waited, laughing, till we discovered his fakery and "believed" it.

  • Basement Dwelling Teenagers - that believe every blog discussion requires idiotic comments about sex, and that every female blog commentator should be attacked because they've never actually learned to respect another human being.

  • Haters - people that hate everything. Normally, the Grumpy Old Astronomer would try to encourage people to at least be polite, but with these types, I'd rather they go crawl into a fireant hill somewhere and spare us your "opinions". Oh, and please have someone video it for YouTube so we can all enjoy watching the hate being eliminated bite by bite.

  • And then there is always the application of Godwin's Law.

  • And I'm not the only one who thinks this way - IMDb - the Internet Movie Database site has decided to shut down all of its message boards effective Feb 19, 2017 . "After in-depth discussion and examination, we have concluded that IMDb's message boards are no longer providing a positive, useful experience for the vast majority of our more than 250 million monthly users worldwide.". So, basically, 250 million people were tired of all the trolling, like the mother that said "Sadly, as a parent of child actor who was trolled on IMDb message boards (he never saw, but I did) I can understand why. People can be horrible. And the conversation can be just plain mean. There was no REAL discussion, mostly just nastiness and anger and fighting. Itís a shame."

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