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(A lot Astronomy Educational articles I have written
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This is where I'll be posting "other" things that are too big to fit in my BLOG.

The A7s Noise Analysis My Analysis regarding the SONY "Star-Eater" software noise problem - Part 3.
Includes my final recommendations.
The A7s Noise Analysis My Analysis regarding the SONY "Star-Eater" software noise problem - Part 2. 2017-
The A7s Noise Analysis My Analysis regarding the SONY "Star-Eater" software problem - Part 1. 2017-
The NexOptic Telescope My evaluation of a revolutionary new telescope optical design. 2017-
A Lengthy List The Grumpy Old Astronomer's Very Lengthy list of Laws, Famous Quotations
and "Top 10" Lists.
The Misuse of Green Lasers Aiming a laser pointer at an aircraft is incredibly ignorant and dangerous. But people are still doing it. 2017-
Recipes The Grumpy Old Astronomer is not a great cook, but in desperate times I can manage - as I told my kids in a memo some time ago. 2014-
Optical Illusions Think you have great analytical observation skills and can't be fooled?
Think again.
Are you a Supreme Surfer? If you have spent years "surfing the net" like I have, you should probably visit this item and get yourself a certificate from the Grumpy Old Astronomer. 2017-
The Internet Of Things How the Internet of Things devices are eroding your privacy on a massive scale. 2017-
New Vehicle Must Ask Questions Three Questions You Need to Ask When Buying a New Vehicle
Just because your life may depend on the answers.
Alternative Energy - What Happens?? What Happens When the Sun Don't Shine or the Winds Don't Blow? - The Grumpy Old Astronomer's grumpy thoughts on converting the power grid to alternative energy sources. 2017-
Global Warming My thoughts on the TAX-GRAB the federal Liberals and the Alberta NDP are forcing on us. And yes - it makes me grumpy. Very Grumpy. 2017-
The WOW! Signal Update My PowerPoint presentation to the RASC on the 1977 WOW! Signal and the hypothesis that it was perhaps caused by two comets. The radio-telescope search by Astronomer Professor Antonio Paris (St. Petersburg & Tampa, Florida) for detecting a similar signal starts in January 2017. 2017-
A Stonehenge Question Stonehenge and Aliens
Could anything be more interesting?
How to Repair a PC For PC Repair Technicians - a VERY LONG TECHNICAL article I wrote back in 2002 on how to fix an obstinate PC. Still pretty much current in today's world. 2017-